Babies at The Farm!

Incubator Filled With EggsIt’s that time of year!

This spring our friend Chris gifted us an incubator (thanks Chris!). We could hardly wait to use it, so we found a good place to hatch chicks and filled it with eggs from our hens. We patiently watched them, making sure to keep the temperature and humidity right.

Finally, 3 weeks later, we saw the first signs of life. Shortly after that, chicks stated hatching!

We happened to be ready with a camera as 2 of the chicks hatched. Check out the video we made of this beautiful experience:

Guinea Hen Chicks
We also ordered 20 guinea hens, which arrived yesterday. Look how cute they are!

We are so very excited about adding these birds to our flock. Now we are waiting for our turkey chicks to arrive! Hopefully they will get here soon!

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