Life On The North Shore October 27, 2012

Here it is! Our end of October Life On The North Shore entry. We have been very busy moving and acclimating to life up here. So, we will start with our video entry, then move on to some photos:

In the video, we talk about visiting my parents old log cabin that they lived in when they first moved up here. To get to the cabin, we drove to Lutsen, MN, then drove up to Lutsen Mountains Ski Area, then we hiked up in to the hills, across poplar river, at up to the cabin.

Here are a couple of photos of Poplar River, some pictures of my parents old cabin that we took on our adventure, and their old outhouse. After that, there are some photos I took from the roof while cleaning the chimney. Then there is a photo of our wood cook stove, and a photo of home made raw butter. There is also a photo of my parents log cabin from 30 years ago, and some fresh home made bread straight out of the wood cook stove.

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