Bnaakwii Giizis

Sunday will be the beginning of bnaakwii giizis, or “falling leaves moon”. This month from the Ojibwe lunar calender marks the shift from last month’s waabagaa giizis (changing leaves moon). I was impressed last month, the first day of changing leaves moon brought the first colorful leaves I had seen this year. Soon all of the leaves will fall, and we will once again be able to see in the woods. While I love fall, and the changing leaves, I am excited for the winter to come!

The leaves have changed, and are ready to start falling.

Life on The North Shore Intro

This is a video incorporating Wookiefoot’s song “Welcome Home” with footage of the drive in my driveway. It is intended to convey the feelings I feel as I return home (in the greater sense of returning to my childhood home, as well as the feelings I get every day as I return from work). If you would like to learn more about Wookiefoot please click here to visit their webpage.

A leap in to the world left behind, but not forgotten

This page will document the adventures of my wife Pamela, and I (Kaare), as we begin our new lives in the great north woods of Minnesota. We live in a small town called Finland, in a log house located 1 mile from Lake Superior. We are surrounded by wilderness, and are attempting to go back to the old ways of the Ojibwe, Finnish and Saami people. We know that this will be challenging, and do not expect to fully achieve this. We hope to integrate the teachings of the past in to our (somewhat) modern lives. I have been living here for nearly 2 months, and Pam will be joining me in just over a week. I have been keeping a video journal, and will upload the entries to this page shortly.Image

I took this photo a couple days ago, as I was walking by a lake that is less than a mile from my house. We are constantly surrounded by such beauty.